90 Day Internet Income Challenge: Ask The Pro’s Webinar March 8, 2012

Every week I host the “Ask The Pro’s” webinar which is open for all members of the My Partner In Profit (MyPiP) systems. There are the global systems (MyPiP Classic and MyPiP Express) and then the latest system is the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge also known as MyPiP Challenge.

Once you are a member of any one of these systems, you are able to be a member of all of them, assuming you live in the USA, UK or Canada, to use the MyPiP Challenge.

There is one last system that I did not mention and that is the MyPiP Franchise system, which leads prospects into the MyPiP Classic. So in a way you could say it is just a different path into the MyPiP Classic.

Now what is the difference between all of these systems and which is best for you? Well again it depends on where you live. If you live in the USA, UK or Canada you can pick and choose any or all. They all focus on doing two things however: generating leads and cash flow for your online business. So that is why they are all great. And yes, they all work very well.

If you ask me if I have a favorite, it would be the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge or the MyPiP Challenge, simply because it has the potential to generate much more cash flow quicker.

The MyPiP Classic though has the best overall training inside. It has more videos on the “High Impact” marketing methods that are scalable, meaning you do them once and they last forever.

The MyPiP Express is a little leaner and less overwhelming for newbies. It boils down the process into 3 simple steps to use this system. And the training inside is excellent although not every “High Impact” method is listed like in the MyPiP Classic.

So on March 8th, I reviewed what “we” have in the My Partner In Profit systems as some people felt that the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge was the best and only system to join. And if you lived in Australia, for example, is was pointless to even look at the MyPiP Classic or Express. Well that attitude is limiting and not accurate.

So in the webinar training I explained that it is not as bleak as some suggest and that all the MyPiP systems are incredible in delivering what they were designed to do: generate endless leads and cash flow on autopilot through exceptional training and affiliate programs.

So enjoy watching this video for the first time or reviewing it again!

And if you are NEW to the MyPiP systems and want to join a specific system, use my links below.

Do you live in the USA, UK or Canada? Then join the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge (MyPiP Challenge). You will have access to all the MyPiP systems with just one username.

Do you live outside of the USA, UK or Canada? Then either join the MyPiP Classic if you want the full buffet or join the MyPiP Express if you like a simpler 1-2-3 process. By joining one allows you access to both although you should focus on just one initially.

If you know you want to be an ungraded Pro member right away, join the MyPiP Franchise and you will be a Pro member and have access to all the systems and advanced training.

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