90 Day Internet Income Challenge Press Releases

In promoting the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge using free advertising sources, one of the best ways to get the message out is using press releases. Why? well because press releases are the standard way in which new products and/or services are announced nu a company or business. I’ll explain this in more detail…

Today you become a potential creator of the Internet.

You see, what the Internet is all about is INFORMATION.

It is primarily a global communications platform that allows people to share information with each other.

Therefore, what people value most and what people look for and what search engines seek is unique and useful info.

Thus, if you become a PROVIDER of unique and useful information your 90 Day Internet Income Challenge affiliate site will become a traffic magnet.

The mechanism by which this will happen is creating original press releases, submitting them to free press release services and attaching your 90 Day Internet Income Challenge affiliate link (or forwarded domain for more professional results).

Every new press release that you submit becomes a brand new page on the Internet. In other words, every time you send out a new press release, you CREATE a page of the World Wide Web that never existed before; and Google and other search engines are *watching* what you create and will start indexing/ranking your press releases in their listings. Thus, giving you free traffic and when those people take the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge just like you did, you get paid $40, $170 or even more if you are a pro member!

A good mindset to be in while creating a press release is to think of it as a testimonial. Explain about the power of the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge and use specific examples on how it has impacted you (example: easy to use, no up-front fees, free website, no selling, make money right away, free advertising methods, step by step training, how quickly you made money etc.). You can also throw in some details on how the business has benefited you and why you think it is a must for everyone.

Be sure to use specific examples, because social proof is the most important validation. Always leave your readers wanting more and the only way they can find out more info is to click on your affiliate link. After all, that’s the end goal from all advertisements, is to have them enter their information on your 90 Day Challenge page.

Another great way to find specific press release submission services is to do a search for “free press releases” on Google. Once you have a press release created and ready to submit, find 3 to 5 submission services to submit it to. Submit the same press release to all of them. This will ensure that you’ll get your information seen in a natural search.

Don’t write an article that’s more than a page and a half long, or more than about 800 words. Keep your lines short and your paragraphs to no more than four sentences long. No one reads on the Internet, they just skim, so keeping your lines and paragraphs short will keep them reading and not skimming.

See the example of a 90 Day Internet Income Challenge press release below to get an idea of how to create one.

The 90 Day Internet Income Challenge Launches


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