90 Day Internet Income Challenge Team Communication

I have been building my partners in the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge and one important issue can arise when it comes to communication. How can you communicate with your sponsor and/or referrals effectively and inexpensively?

The goal of any business is generally to meet your prospects and/or business partners so that you can help them with their needs. That is best done in person, of course, but the next best option is the ability to have verbal communication so that you can converse easily to make sure your prospects and business partners understand you and your services.

In the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge that is no different. While many members employ the use of an autoresponder system to follow-up, which is important, I would advise that you also need to be able to speak with your team and your sponsor(s).

And since we can potentially have hundreds of people in the US, UK and Canada, it begins to be challenging to figure out how to make that possible in today’s world.

Well fortunately there are some great solutions for those of you in the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge. The first I will mention is the use of Skype.

Skype is a free-to-use and lots of people have Skype on their computer. If you need to you can download Skype for free as well! Watch this simple Skype overview!

Lastly I have a webinar room and had a few of my team in my web room and then I called them all using Skype. You can actually conference with up to 27 other Skype members at the same time on the same call.

Here’s the Skype call and webinar combination in action!

Lastly you can even use Skype for free one-to-one video calls!

So start using Skype when you want to connect to your 90 Day Internet Income Challenge team!

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