About Me

Chase Swift is a Relationship & Internet Sponsoring Expert and has trained hundreds of people how to achieve extraordinary success in the online home business industry and beyond.

Chase and his lovely wife Trisha know first-hand what it takes to overcome adversity and succeed in the Home Based Business industry. He’s committed his life to sharing with others his proven but simple “non-selling” success system and the true philosophies necessary for success in every aspect of life.

Chase is a partner of the very successful online lead generation & success system, “My Partner In Profit Challenge” also known as the 90 Day Internet Income Challenge. Click here to create your free account.

His primary focus is teaching the concepts of “attraction marketing,” helping tens of thousands of people around the world become the hunted instead of the hunter. Thus eliminating the need for anyone to have to be able to become a salesperson in order to have success in this industry. The 90 Day Internet Income Challenge is helping hundreds of marketers accomplish that.

With a unique expertise in online network marketing, internet marketing, copywriting, and a willingness to help anyone that is coachable.

Now this industry trainer and mentor to many is available directly for you HERE.

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